Poetic Rhymes for Business Design

Out of Dubai’s industrial oven, into Toronto’s deep freeze,
For new opportunities I have come to seize.
Searching for new adventures and challenges,
On life, I will find a refreshingly new lease.

Breaking free of old, comfortable binds,
Reminding myself to keep an open mind.
With this new discovery at Rotman,
This watch of creativity I am beginning to wind.

A merger of the minds from business and design,
Where fun creativity and rigorous analysis begin to align.
Solving both, the world’s most simple and wicked problems,
Is this crucial art of Business Design.

The process is thoughtful, intense, and can be laborious,
With results ranging from the simple & quirky to the grand & glorious.
Cannot wait to be challenged and fulfilled with Business Design Visa,
And for my mind to rediscover the joy and exhilaration of being curious!

For the longest time, I wondered what was I meant to do,
First with BDC Bootcamp, and now with VISA, I am unraveling the clues.
I am ready to curiously explore the possibilities and creatively generate new solutions,
Because for me, this path of Business Design is the right fit and true!