Rotman Recreation

Rotman is awesome!  Why?  Because aside from being Canada's top business school (the Financial Times just said so!), it also knows how to have a good time.  Aside from the weekly Tipsy Tuesdays, the school will regularly organize fun, sporty, social events, which are a welcome break from the academic & summer internships recruitment activities. While events like Trivia Night (Jeopardy-style) will have everyone with that scrunched-up look on their face trying to remember the right answer, events like Rec Room will have students engaged in endless rounds of competition at the ping pong, foosball & air hockey tables, as well as the endless laughter with Twister & Wii.  But competition is taken to an entirely new level, when students are pitted against the professors in different challenges in Rotman Gladiators, although it gets quite entertaining with intense bouts of Dodgeball, where some professors displayed their intense competitive spirit, while some students let loose some of their frustrations.  Extremely entertaining to watch, but I don't think I'd like to find myself in the middle of that firefight!    But probably the most fun was the No Talent Night, where many students presented their hidden talents, and some students overcame their fear of sharing their poetic expressions with the rest of the class (Yes, that was me!).  It was quite entertaining with a clown act, ethnic dances, beatboxing, musical covers, original compositions, and acoustic performances, and a nice glimpse into many students' hidden talents.

Apparently the fun factor is going to be heightened with the annual Rotman-Schulich hockey game later this week.  With the pep rally, the actual game, and the post-game celebrations, it's known to be legendary in terms of school spirit, friendly competition, and fundraising for the school's chosen charity.  I'm quite looking forward to seeing my first ever live hockey game, and participating in one of Rotman's annual traditions! :)