People's Choice Award for the Student of the Month!

Thanks to your overwhelming level of support, I won the People's Choice Award for the Student of the Month in the Blogger category! :D Thank you so much for your support & kind words of encouragement! :)



During the past year, I have bored many of you with my blog – “MBA: Must Bring Adventure!” ;)

A very kind Good Samaritan decided that my blog & I were worth nominating for the Student of the Month Award in 'The Blogger' category.

But for me to qualify & win, I need 25 wonderful people to sign in & voice their support for me at the link below… I hope I can count on your support!

Thanks very much! :)


Why I hope to have your support for this Student of the Month Nomination?

Out of Dubai's industrial oven, into Toronto's deep freeze,
For new opportunities I have come to seize.
Searching for new adventures & challenges,
On life, I have found a refreshingly new lease.

Breaking free of old, comfortable binds,
Reminding myself to keep an open mind.
With new discoveries at Rotman,
This watch of creativity I am beginning to wind.

Waking up before the crack of dawn,
Trudging through snow-covered lawns.
Hopefully paying rapt attention in class,
And studying furiously until every last ounce of strength is gone.

While slaving away on 29-hour projects,
I yearn to be at Rotman's clubs, finding my creative outlet.
I'm excited by little moments of happiness,
Finding no reason to put my enthusiasm to rest.

Time just seems to whizz me by,
In between this crazy roller-coaster ride,
I steal a few moments away to write away to my heart's content,
With caffeine, as my best friend, right by my side!

MBA: Must Bring Adventure I do happily write,
My adventures, someone, someday will cite!
It’s been a time-consuming, sleep-depriving, & physically exhausting ride,
But I shall enthusiastically trudge on with a happy sigh :)