First-Year Reading Week!

While some went off to hit the slopes, some went to tan in the tropics, some went home to see family & friends, I decided to stay in town during our First-Year Reading Week, and do a little bit of discovering...

A week of discovering...
the delight of reading for pleasure (not school!),
the joy of good times with great friends,
the pursuit of creativity with new thinking partners,
luxury, modernity & deliciousness at the Distillery District,
serenity, sunshine & sea-yearning vessels at the Harborfront,
industrial peace & reflections at Queens Quay,
barren but hopeful trees & feathered friends at High Park,
fascinated by the myriad of artistic expressions at the AGO,
captivated by a good story on screen,
relishing in the delectableness of maple cupcakes with hot cocoa,
finally understanding the story behind Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons,'
and being completely entranced by the virtuosos at the TSO...

Sounds like some delightful discoveries during Reading Week! :)