A little bit poetic...

We're in the thick of Q2 exams, and while you're in the midst of the hectic studying or writing the exam itself, it's hard not to think about how you're going to fare in terms of grades. When our Q1 grades were released, my response was a little more poetic:

If your Q1 grades have got you down,
And need to turn around that frown,
At your Rotman application essays take a peek,
And remind yourself why this path did you seek...

Now that I have one exam down, four more to go, the poet inside me doesn't really like sitting still, and so have a stanza to accompany the above.  Bear in mind, with four exams hovering ahead, this may not be my best poetic effort, but keeping a positive attitude is essential to surviving and succeeding here!

Almost at the end of the roller-coaster known as Q2,
Sometimes wondering if I even have a clue,
But I'm opening new doors, and discovering new lights,
And as crazy as it all seems right now, in the end, it's all going to be better than alright...

Can't wait for Friday to breathe a sigh of relief!