Ready for Rotman!

You could spend hours upon hours learning about a business school, and you may know a great deal about the school, and you may get into that school, and spend even more countless hours discovering more about that school, but, knowing about the school, and feeling the spirit of the school are two separate things.

I was already excited about my first visit to Rotman, but when I walked through those doors for the very first time, it was a  completely different level of excitement.  All the street-views from Google Maps, and all the pictures & descriptions of the school can't relate to the actual experience.  You feel a rush of energy & adrenaline, and you might even pinch yourself to make sure, "Am I really here?  Did I really get into Rotman?"  Well, the answer is 'Yes!' and it is telling you to get ready for Rotman!

As far as the subject line is concerned, once you find yourself in the enviable position of being part of Rotman's Class of 2013, there are introductory sessions that take place, entitled 'Rotman Ready.'  These sessions are designed to introduce you to the Rotman School of Management, the program, the study opportunities, the exchange programs, the course schedule, the academics, and the fun stuff, as well as meet members of the Program Services Office.  It's also a great opportunity for the First-Years (us Rotman newbies) to meet the Upper-Years (what we hope to be in a year's time), and get their view of the Rotman experience.  One thing that almost every Upper-Year has mentioned as a highlight of their Rotman experience is the Orientation Camp.  It sounds quite exciting, is going to be held at a very scenic campsite up north, and is legendary for its fun factor.  In case you're wondering what actually happens at the Orientation Camp, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer until I experience it, and share that adventure!