Rotman Design Tour

Every year, the Rotman School of Management leads a Study Tour for a select group of MBA students who are passionate about business design.  Follow us as we deep-dive into the world of design and innovation with some of New York's finest organizations!  Follow us on Twitter at #RotmanDT

#RotmanDT - Thomson Reuters

Siddharth Shenoy, Senior Product Manager - Product Research at Thomson Reuters, with the participants of the Rotman Design Tour 2014

Located in the heart of Times Square, our visit to Thomson Reuters was a wonderful way to start the final day of our tour.  With over 100 offices around the globe and over 50,000 employees, it was a sharp contrast to the startups we had visited the previous day.  Yet, despite its history and size, Thomson Reuters is able to cultivate a culture of innovation by adopting the approach of "acting like a start-up."  We saw how they employ the principles of Design Thinking that we have explored throughout the week in their customer based approach and by user experience testing prototypes at early stages of development.  By asking customers what they want and then building, showing and receiving feedback, new products reflect the needs of the customers.  "Build it live and breathing and show people," said Siddharth Shenoy, Senior Product Manager, Product and Research, which reflected another theme heard throughout the week, that is that processes can be a constraint and innovation requires people to push and not be afraid to fail. 

I come away from this visit, truly inspired by the power of this approach.  We had the wonderful opportunity to see first hand, innovation in data visualization on the Eikon platform created from the very practices we had been discussing.  The result was nothing short of awe inspiring.  By identifying a need to be able to visualize data in a new way in order to uncover insights amongst a deluge of information, Siddharth and the team at Thomson Reuters were able to create a tool that no doubt delights users and customers and will continue to do so for many years to come.

By Jane Park, Rotman MBA 2015