Rotman Design Tour

Every year, the Rotman School of Management leads a Study Tour for a select group of MBA students who are passionate about business design.  Follow us as we deep-dive into the world of design and innovation with some of New York's finest organizations!  Follow us on Twitter at #RotmanDT

#RotmanDT - Estée Lauder Companies

Mark Polson (Vice President, Creativity and Business Innovation, Global Management Strategies) and Shruti Padilla (Manager, Creativity & Business Innovation) at the Estée Lauder Companies, with the participants of the Rotman Design Tour 2014

For the first day of our Design Tour in New York City, it was very nice meeting with Estée Lauder Companies' Creativity & Innovation team - Mark Polson and Shruti Padilla - and Christina Treadway from the Global Leadership Development program.  We were attracted by the beautiful sight of Manhattan from Estée Lauder Companies' office.  Beyond that, I was surprised by the great effort that the Estée Lauder Companies did for innovation.  From the company history, I was deeply touched by Mrs. Estée Lauder's strong passion for the beauty industry and the development of the family business.  The "High-Touch" marketing approach, created by Mrs. Estée Lauder, is the guiding principle across the whole corporation.  From the presentation by Mark and Shruti, I was inspired by how the Estée Lauder Companies keeps delivering design thinking to its people across the organization.  The Creativity & Business Innovation team is spreading the idea that "Solving Problems = Creativity" to the whole corporation, and encouraging everyone from the company to share their ideas and feedback to improve the products or business models.  Although there are some challenges in front of the innovation, the team keeps inspiring other people and is brave to let people make mistakes, which is the spirit I admire so much.  It was interesting to build connections between Rotman's Business Design Club and the Estée Lauder Companies, and I believe this fantastic start is a very positive sign of the Rotman Design Tour 2014. 

By Katherine Fan, Rotman MBA 2015