Rotman Design Tour

Every year, the Rotman School of Management leads a Study Tour for a select group of MBA students who are passionate about business design.  Follow us as we deep-dive into the world of design and innovation with some of New York's finest organizations!  Follow us on Twitter at #RotmanDT

#RotmanDT - Arup

Francesca Birks (Americas Foresight + Research + Innovation Lead), Josh Treuhaft (Foresight & Innovation Strategic Designer), and Adam Friedberg (Associate with the Sustainability Team) at Arup, with the participants of the Rotman Design Tour 2014

Our visit at Arup was such an inspiring visit!  We got to see some of the structural projects that the company worked on over the years.  The company showed a lot of their focus on design with a purpose.  Their designs aren’t just about making buildings look nicer, but instead, to solve certain structural problems through design.  This makes the resulting architecture very practical and eye-pleasing at the same time.  The team at Arup were a group of talented individuals who knew how to work in teams to generate wild and innovative ideas.  They emphasized that innovation is really a process of collaboration and that a single person wouldn’t have figured out the solutions that they came up with.  My biggest takeaway of the day was teamwork.  At Arup and Pepsico, there were meetings around every corner!  Everyone was sharing their ideas and refining their ideas in pairs or in teams.  The scene was very inspiring to me.  I’d love to work in an environment like this.

By Edmond Chan, Rotman MBA 2015